P.J King Poaching Activities in Africa Exposed

Did you ever wonder how some business titans accumulated all the wealth they have? Well, they obviously want you to think it’s their hard work and persistence that got them where they’re today. It’s the story they sell to everyone. We are not insinuating that they’re no genuine billionaires, no. But there are some like P.J King whose stories don’t add up.

P.J King is currently the CEO of Venturion LLC. He is also known as a space lover. In fact, he just hit the headlines after he signed up as paid passenger of the first space trip. Well, the whole trip had to hide some rumours that were cooking.

People have always been impressed with P.J King’s love to charity work, especially for African children. He has travelled to the continent several times to be directly involved in charity work. Well, we hate to break it to you, but that’s not all he has been doing in Africa.

He is making headlines in Kenyan newspapers after being linked with poaching of wild animals. According to the source, he hires people to kill the ‘big five’, which includes elephants, and use their valuable parts to fund his ivory supply business. He is currently being investigated, and his hand men are being questioned.

Final Thoughts

It’s such a shame that P.J King is destroying the history and beauty of Africa that the whole world adores. He is robbing the next generation experiences with wonderful animals that are historical. We can only hope he is exposed and all this will be put to a stop.

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